2017 Submissions

Stupid Hippie 'Tribe 5000 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Stranger #11 Meets Android 18 Cinematic Song
The Nexus Gateway (Level 6) Video Game Loop
The Nexus Chamber (Level 5) Video Game Loop
The Sanctum (Level 4) Video Game Loop
The Underground (Level 3) Video Game Loop
The Depths (Level 2) Video Game Loop
The Ruins (Level 1) Video Game Loop
Return of the Nightmare Ambient Loop
Rotten Flesh Trance Song
Escape the Season Fusion Loop
Haunted Forest Labratory Video Game Loop
The Lonely A.I. //[part 1] Discussion Podcast
Stop The Madness Cinematic Song
Newgrounds Loop #7,155 Miscellaneous Loop
The Impossible Beat Experimental Song
(Get) Down To A Science Fusion Song
Nature Sounds of The Artificial Exoplanet Miscellaneous Song
Minus Purpose Video Game Loop
Searching For Horizon Miscellaneous Loop
Simulated_Reality_//:corrupt> Industrial Song
Universal Dream Flight Pop Song
Stay Silent Ambient Loop
pretty samps.2 Miscellaneous Song
pretty samps.1 Video Game Loop
I h88ate Your spFace, u Abixvatoz Experimental Song
Time Cinematic Loop
Suffering A Kwik Fix (badripped mix) Industrial Song
slctd. SAMPLE #1 (2016) Video Game Loop
Arcade Gunz Trance Loop
Halloweeird (Spooky Space) Ambient Loop
Majestic Hellspace Techno Loop
I Am Newgrounds Miscellaneous Loop
Frunkyng Robot Music (Live Mix) Drum N Bass Song
Little Retro Arcade Lobby Jazz Video Game Loop
Coinzz Jazz (made of RETROrd 8its) Miscellaneous Song
Theme. Miscellaneous Loop
GOD OF d.uhl..OOPS Video Game Loop
No More For You (Part 2 of 2) Experimental Song
No More For You (Part 1 of 2) Video Game Loop
Master of SFX... 2.0! Video Game Song
Electronz Short Loop Video Game Loop
Heaven Ambient Loop
Facing The Darkest Of Times Miscellaneous Loop
Boss of Rhythm Experimental Loop
hope for esara Video Game Loop
Video Game Music [Boss Esara's Drum N Bass Loop
Liquid Imagination Ambient Loop
Lasergun Slinger Experimental Loop
Longing for Progress_8bit Video Game Loop
Haunted Synthetic Blood Experimental Song
Zelda Gypsy Dance Miscellaneous Song
Alien Sanctum (Level 7-ish) Video Game Loop
Eezo Drive [Star Fuel] Video Game Loop
Synthetic Rhythmz (B-Pt 1 Experimental Loop
Pure Tones (B8sics-Part1) Video Game Loop
Basic Cable Stealth Video Game Loop
None Shall Call Upon Thee Experimental Song
Two 8-Bit Phases Video Game Song
Mindor Nebula Cantina Video Game Loop
Slow Xahntao Lobby Video Game Loop
Journey Off World Cinematic Song
Accepted Element Video Game Loop
Sanctuary of Despair Video Game Loop
Natural Satellite's Video Game Loop
RPG DNA Video Game Loop
It all makes sense, Man Miscellaneous Song
A Prodigal Drive Pop Song

2012 Submissions

Vibrant Space Sounds Trance Song
Mind Out of an Orbox Video Game Loop
Supermassive Proximity 2 Video Game Loop
Supermassive Proximity 1 Video Game Loop
Hey U Want Sfx Noises!? Miscellaneous Song
Simple Madness Drum N Bass Song
There's No Noise In Space Video Game Loop
The Rebirth (WIP) Techno Song
Ending Song Video Game Loop
Better Than Every Bit Video Game Loop
Indisnantink [TrancePunk] Miscellaneous Loop
NeoClassical (BachTronic) Techno Song
Hope Space Lumina Techno Song
Bloody Dramatic Sound-FX Miscellaneous Song
Fck You. Fck Me. Industrial Song
Super Dramatic Tension Ambient Song
Dark Alien Secrets Video Game Loop
Erp. Smack. Trip. E. Techno Song
Stellar Outlaw Industrial Song
Synth. Game. Over. Video Game Loop
The Plasma Yo Video Game Loop
Live Fire Exercise Video Game Loop
Ambient Video Game Loop Video Game Loop
Cantina Rave Dance Loop
dance trance music loop Video Game Loop
That Sick Techno Acid Video Game Loop
Chippy Trance Game loopzo Experimental Loop
Science's Fiction Loop Ambient Loop
Industrial Boss Loop Video Game Loop
Industrial Boss Theme_1 Video Game Song
Snowflakes [Hardchill] Video Game Loop
Test My Skill Industrial Song
Video Game Music For Myself Video Game Loop
Intense Action Music Video Game Loop
Laser Colored Veins Video Game Loop
Odin's Atari Video Game Loop
Digital Apotheosis Trance Song
Apotheosis Ode For Digital Trance Song
Goa For More, Psy Later Trance Song
Sanctum of the Gods (WIP) Video Game Loop
Trance Music (WIP) Trance Song
Moving Plasma [space music] Ambient Song
Actual Classical Classical Song
Beyond Atmosphere Video Game Loop
Abixvatoz [Trance] Trance Song
Sub Cortex [Ambient Trance] Ambient Loop
Pro Beat(down) [Trance] Video Game Loop
Electripsyty Trance Song
Hollowman's Groove (Game Loop) Video Game Loop
Next Century Dream Pop Song
Super Saiyen by Abixvatoz Techno Loop
War of Abixvatoz Video Game Song
Shallow Space Jungle Miscellaneous Loop
Complicated Signals Miscellaneous Song
Basking in Space (Ambient) Ambient Loop
Frontier Signal (Abixvatoz) Miscellaneous Song
Melodic Goa-Psy Trance! (WIP) Trance Song
My Spacey Sparkle Something Dance Song
Existential Overture No.1 Techno Song
That VG Music (space-trance) Techno Song
Latin Theme Ultra Power! World Loop
Cortex Rift Overture No.1 Techno Song
K la'vra Oapztek Mardoon Blik! Techno Song
"Dark Distance" Track No.2 Video Game Loop
Daft Trance by Abixvatoz Techno Song
The Sailor (Oceans of Solinia) Video Game Loop
Rift Overture No.1 (WIP) Trance Song
Menu Loop.1_Alternate Universe Video Game Loop
Star-Chart My Dub Dubstep Loop
My New Cortex Dance Song
Arabian Trance-Rave (WIP) Trance Loop
Original Rave WIP Techno Song